Poker games variants – sites to play Texas Hold’em, Draw & Stud

Poker games: a quick guide to poker universe

Meet poker and its best! Nowadays this game took the gambling audience really by storm. Whether you are a casino professional or a virtual newbie – everyone loves iconic poker games.

Poker for any occasion

Although any game starts with learning rules, poker is much more than classic Texas Hold’em. Actually, it is the head turning universe of poker variants, each of which brings cooling drive and breathtaking moments of Fortune. Having something exciting for everyone, poker types meets any player’s wishes: simple or complicated rules, home & casino locations, limited or no limit betting, and even real / online dimensions.


Therefore, considering your playful aims, experience and situation – find the best poker for pure satisfaction. Check out the full list of poker kinds.

  1. Texas Hold’em. Awesome and classy. 5 card hands, 2 downcards, 4 rounds and sacral Flush Royal.
  2. Five Card Draw. Possibility to change absolutely any cards, huge randomness and no strategy to apply. Ideal for home.
  3. Seven Card Stud. The slowest of poker games: maximal concentration, seventh street anticipation and poker rules give a chance to pick the highest 5 cards out of 7.
  4. Chinese Poker. 13 cards, 3 hands and scores competitions.
  5. Omaha Hi Lo. The game in which you can never lose: a pot is divided into two parts (for the strongest and the weakest hands).
  6. Pot Limit Omaha. 4 hole cards at first, 5 community cards, 4 rounds. Take advantage of 2 individual and 3 face up cards.
  7. Razz Poker. Lawball Hands, 7 streets and limited bets. Ace-5 is perfect.
  8. Two-seven Triple Draw. No community cards, the goal is the lowest 2-7 hand. 4 rounds, 3 draws.
  9. Badugi Poker. Approximately 5 card draw vice versa: struggle for the lowest hand.
  10. HORSE Poker. A game-by-game series of Hold’em, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz, Stud 7 Card, Stud 7 Card 8. It is played only in casinos.

You see, there is a dozen of different poker games types, some of which have almost no similarities but to improve poker hands. Then… How to decide what poker could give you the most? Get in on free poker for a start!

Poker for everyone

If you’re not confident in your poker skills, you can practice poker for free. Don’t hesitate to choose no real money versions: in most cases the newer poker soft is, the more generous virtual bonuses are included and the more thrilling gameplay is. Moreover, free games to play are often more interesting than lucrative profit oriented poker games: as far as you don’t need to pay attention to amount of bets, you’re able to jump in pure poker atmosphere.

Strengthen your hands, use intuition, try different strategies, create your own risky approach – no funding, do whatever you want. What about the ways to get the best poker games?- there are many good online gambling rooms.

  • Poker applications. These Android and iOS based apps are developed as ordinary apps that don’t require any inner purchases. Just download them from Google Play or Apple Store, install on any device and play whenever your spirit goes for a wild ride. In 2020 you can discover any poker kind by Zynga Poker, PokerStars, World Poker Club and World Series of Poker.
  • Poker sites. There are thousands of poker sites on the internet! One simple account registration is all it takes to get access to global poker platforms. 888Poker, PokerStars, WSOP Poker and PartyPoker – all these big names provide absolutely free sessions and tournaments. Visiting them you will definitely get captivated by the impressive atmosphere of golden stakes and Lady’s Luck will.
  • Online casino houses. No one Australian casino is complete without online poker: poker games are the most popular entertainment in gaming industry. Being signed up on betting pages, usually you are allowed to play favourites for fun. Where is free poker available 24/7? Explore Joka Room, Play Amo and Ignition Casino.

So, if you don’t want to lose your cash and at the same time are eager to start crazy poker adventures – type down “games of poker” in a search form and feel like you’re in Vegas.

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